Party On, Pancho: Thunderhoof, The Scavuzzos, Social Scientist, Dildozer
May 20, 2014 1 minute read
Facebook Event Details Hey friends! Our dog Pancho has a rare condition called Chylothorax disease... Which means he has a leak in his thoracic duct causing fluid to collect in the space around his lungs. Not only is he losing nutrients from this leak, but because the fluid is collecting in his chest his lungs can't fully expand as they should. He has difficulty breathing and has to have his chest emptied every week or two.
Parasol (MA), Night Witch, Scavuzzos, Dildozer
January 24, 2014 1 minute read
Hey, my old friend Lily is coming back down with her new band Parasol! And her sister is in a band with Nate Walters now called Night Witch. This is gonna be a crazy show!! Facebook Event Details Parasol - From Boston! They have a new record streaming here: - - Night Witch - From Tallahassee! They got a demo: - Dildozer - punk band - They got a tape: - http://dildozerfl.
Lilac Daze (MD), Foozle, Dead Yetis, Betterment, Dildozer
January 16, 2014 1 minute read
Facebook Event Details I set up this off the hook punk show. the rough order from last to first is... DILDOZER local snotty/socio-political/extremely emotional pop punk. think of old school recess records bands with a really squealy guitar FOOZLE maryland punky music that will make you want to jump up and down. and by jump, I mean jump really high. male/female vocals . think eric's trip http://foozle.
High Voltage (AC/DC tribute), Made Ready (GA), Dredger, The Scavuzzos, Dildozer
December 6, 2013 1 minute read
Facebook Event Details Hi, it's my birthday and there's a show! Enjoy some First Friday Art Crawlin' then some Rock 'n' Roll at Shanghai Nobby's! Brought to you by mister Jacob Hamilton: HIGH VOLTAGE (AC/DC Tribute Band from Gainesville) MADE READY (from Valdosta, GA) Local party favor-ites: Dildozer - punk band The Scavuzzos Dredger $5 | Doors @ 8pm | No I.D. No Entry | Party with the Birthday Ghoul!
The Headies, The Resonants, Trailer Park Princess, Marcos Encinias, Dildozer
December 1, 2013 1 minute read
Facebook Event Details Sunday December 1st is a full on punk show at Nobbys. Featuring:::::: (Also The Order Of The Lineup) 1st Band: Trailer Park Princess 9:30-9:50 2nd Band: Marcos Encinias 10:10-10:40 3rd Band: Dildozer 11:00-11:20pm 4th Band: The Headies 11:40-12:10pm 5th Band: The Resonants 12:30-12:50am Doors 8pm...Show Up Early! 1st band at will start before 10pm $5 Cover. Bring Your I.D. No I.D. No Entry