The Wayward, Solid Bus Party, Crust Fight, Soulman & Breeze
June 5, 2006 1 minute read
MONDAY JUNE 5TH WACKY WAREHOUSE 5035 US 1 SOUTH, ST AUGUSTINE FL THE WAYWARD - from richmond, va! post hardcoreish or something SOLID BUS PARTY - from st augustine, ex eyc. party music. SOULMAN AND BREEZE - from deland, featuring booze Also, our friends in Deaf Gordon have a show happening on Saturday (tomorrow) at Steve's Downtown Music.
St. Augustine: May Day! Let's Get Sexy, Jacob Hamilton, Soulman & Breeze
May 1, 2006 1 minute read
Soulman and Breeze is playing at the Whacky Warehouse in St Augustine tonight. You should come out. Its on the very outter edge of St Augustine which isn't very far from Deland. Just take highway 11 for about 25 minutes until you hit Bunnell/US1, then turn left and drive for about 20 minutes. Its a house on the left side of the road, totally isolated from anything. Its right after the stop light for 206.