Hello! I'm Eric Patrick, a computer programmer from St. Augustine, FL

(You may also recognize me from Burl. No..?)

Web Development

For the past five years, I've been the in-house system administrator and software developer for Tough Gear, Inc. There, I developed the ecommerce stores for Survival Straps and Active Edge Gear. As a freelancer, I work with local artists, businesses, and organizations to advance their web presence in a mobile-first world.

Survival Straps ®

New Light Portrait & Sign

Active Edge ™


Lee Van Arsdall


Nobby's Bar & Cafe

Matt Buzan


Sunshine State

Soulman & Breeze


I am a classically-trained guitarist that eventually found his calling with the electric bass. I also have a passion for home recording, so many of the albums below were engineered by me. Since I strongly believe in making my music accessible to everybody, all of the links below will take you to Bandcamp pages with $0 minimum donation. Download and enjoy!

Burl - Burl EP

Soulman & Breeze - Summer EP

Soulman & Breeze - Collection

Dildozer - The Titular Tape

Idiots On Ice - Surf 13

Obviously You Don't Play Sports - The Calas Affair

Light Fuse and Get Away - Greatest Hits

About Me

I was born and raised in Florida and still live there today. I studied systems administration in college and currently work as the admin of an ecommerce company in north Florida. I also do freelance web development and am pursuing a degree in computer science.

You can read my blog if you're interested in reading about my projects or upcoming events!


Please get in touch if you'd like to talk more about.. well, anything on here! I look forward to hearing from you.