Eric Patrick

Hi! I'm Eric Patrick, a software developer from St. Augustine, FL.

I also play bass in Burl and run the St. Augustine Music Project.

I have been a freelance web developer for over 15 years, specializing in bringing small businesses out of the dark ages and into the... cloud? From 2012-2017 I was the head ecommerce developer for Tough Gear, Inc. (you may have seen their paracord bracelet brand 'Survival Straps' adorning the wrist of Guy Fieri as he shovels food down his gullet). I'm currently working at Inspection Depot in Jacksonville, FL, where I shapeshift around from UX designer, software project manager, web developer, and email HTML expert (that last one is the most impressive - emails are hard).

About this Site

This is a static site that is generated with Hugo. The code is in a repository on GitHub and is automatically deployed by Netlify. The design is all bespoke, using Gulp, Sass, and Bootstrap 4's Reboot.


I'm currently not accepting freelance offers. I don't have the time, despite how much I love it. If you'd like to get in touch for anything else, please use the contact form below. Thanks!