Burl EP Released on Bandcamp
January 31, 2016 2 minute read

I am pretty excited to announce the release of my band Burl's third EP, "Burl". Actually, we didn't even name it, but Bandcamp is a stickler for putting something in the title field. Anyway, we worked very hard to get it out for the Present Moment show with Telepathic Lines tonight, so please give it a listen and come out!

Telepathic Lines, Burl, Ghost Tropic, Jeremy Rogers
January 31, 2016 1 minute read
Facebook Event Details ALL local show, for once. $5 doors 8pm. Music 9pm-11pm. Shit you not. Telepathic LInes (newest drummer addition of David Burl Lowther extraordinaire-see him before he implodes) https://bakeryoutletrecords.bandcamp.com/ Jeremy Rogers (lone crooner) https://jeremyrogers.bandcamp.com/releases Burl (finest St. Augustine post hardcore) https://burlmusic.bandcamp.com/ Ghost Tropic (Jae and Co are real rock dreamy indie rock rock) https://ghost-tropic.bandcamp.com/releases bakeryoutletrecords.com
Fall 2015 St. Augustine Record Fair
October 11, 2015 2 minute read
Facebook Event Details https://www.facebook.com/events/1893240210901223/ The Fall 2015 St. Augustine Record Fair is poised to be the largest event to-date, with over 50 tables of collectible vinyl records, CDs, memorabilia, posters, books, toys, and every other piece of music merchandise imaginable. NOTE: due to this event's expansion and ever-growing popularity, the event times have changed slightly, and the event location will be centralized in the pit-area in front of the main stage at the Amphitheatre.
Broken Things, Ghost Tropic, Burl
July 30, 2015 1 minute read
Facebook Event Details 930 - IMPROV HOUR 1030 - BURL burlmusic.bandcamp.com 12:01 AM - GHOST TROPIC https://www.facebook.com/GhostTropic Here's a typical show in reverse order! If all goes according to plan we can turn back time. See ya there! Doors at 9:00 PM, $5.00
Gainesville: Zulu Wave, Habits, Burl
March 26, 2015 1 minute read
Burl is going to be hitting the road and playing The Atlantic in Gainesville this Friday. I'm excited to see all my friends that have migrated over there in the past few years! Facebook Event Details Friday, March 6th Doors at 9pm ----------------------- HABITS | https://www.facebook.com/habitsgainesville BURL | http://burlmusic.bandcamp.com/ ZULU WAVE | https://www.facebook.com/zuluwave ----------------------- $5 (+$2-21) http://www.atlanticnightspot.com/ @atlanticgvl
Music for Eli: Sugawood, Burl, Best of Synthia, Geny Pigs, Z.F. Lively, and Ghost Tropic
February 28, 2015 2 minute read
Facebook Details https://www.facebook.com/events/749298645167018 PLEASE come out to support this little guy and his family! If you can't make it to the show, you may consider donating to the Go Fund Me page, which I am including here: http://www.gofundme.com/i2am14. Here is Eli's story: Meet Eli, a typical soccer-loving, mayhem-making 3 year-old boy. In August 2014, Eli started having bleeding issues. A stay at the hospital revealed an autoimmune disorder, Evan's Syndrome.