Burl EP Released on Bandcamp

Sunday, January 31, 2016 2 minute read

I am pretty excited to announce the release of my band Burl's third EP, "Burl". Actually, we didn't even name it, but Bandcamp is a stickler for putting something in the title field. Anyway, we worked very hard to get it out for the Present Moment show with Telepathic Lines tonight, so please give it a listen and come out!

You can download the whole thing for free at our Bandcamp. I've embedded a stream below.

We started recording this album way back in May of 2015, right before Dave (drums) took a months-long trip to Vermont to play farmer. We captured his drum tracks, with scratch guitar and bass, and then Alan (guitar, vocals) and I (bass) took them to our home studios to finish up.

All of the songs were written by the three of us at our weekly practices from 2014-2015. When we write songs, we bring nothing but our experiences from the week to practice, and let the digital recorder roll. If any of it works, we continue with it the next week. There are 52 weeks a year and only 6 songs made it on this album, so you can imagine how picky we are.

Anyway, here's a picture I uploaded to social media: