I Hate Music 13

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-[ Release Info ]---------------------------------------------------------------

 Name.......:  I Hate Music 13
 Release....:  Summer 2006
 Length.....:  80:31
 Size.......:  129.3 MB
 Web........:  http://ukyrgf.com/ihm/

 I thought this was going to be the end of the line for IHM mixes. I never gave
 them to friends anymore. I was 21 and the concept of "here are bands I like,
 maybe you'll like them too" seemed stupid. I was 21 and the concept of "here is
 my ID, serve me beer!" seemed awesome. ihatemusic.org was long gone from my
 posession, and on top of that I was in a band that was playing shows a lot, and
 most of the bands I liked were ones we were playing shows with. Regardless,
 here I am 2 years later still doing them...
                                                             - Treymon (01/2008)

-[ Track Listing ]--------------------------------------------------------------

  1. Art Ensemble Of Chicago - Certain Blacks (intro)                       0:32
  2. Akron/Family - Moment                                                  5:20
  3. The World/Inferno Friendship Society - Fiend In Wien                   2:38
  4. Islands - Rough Gem                                                    3:36
  5. Baby Calendar - Cubicles, No Window                                    4:00
  6. Meneguar - Bury A Flower                                               4:59
  7. Matt & Kim - Silver Tiles                                              3:38
  8. Aphid Ant Constructions - True Metaphors                               4:15
  9. Tubers - Call It A Night                                               2:09
 10. Brainworms - Heart-Shaped Hickey                                       2:17
 11. Please Inform The Captain This Is A Hijack - Karma Collection Day      4:02
 12. Armalite - Unfinished Business                                         2:20
 13. Mass Movement of the Moth - Ous We Are                                 3:42
 14. Ampere - In Antiquity                                                  1:43
 15. Russian Circles - Death Rides A Horse                                  5:46
 16. Battle of Mice - Sleep And Dream                                       5:56
 17. Kaki King - Yellowcake                                                 2:51
 18. Norfolk & Western - The Shortest Stare                                 4:52
 19. Magnolia Electric Co. - Don't Fade On Me                               4:17
 20. The Lonely Ritual - Ghost 5                                            2:36
 21. Emperor X - Dirt Dealership (live)                                     3:03
 22. Woods - Do They Smoke Cigarettes In Heaven?                            3:35
 23. The Blackout Pact - Lapis Lazuli                                       2:12

-[ Details ]--------------------------------------------------------------------

 The intro is from the Art Ensemble Of Chicago, a record from the 70s. Its a
 very long song, but right when it cuts the band goes "AHHH" and makes all kinds
 of noise just like the Akron Family track. It was too good to pass up.

 Akron/Family's split with Angels Of Light was everything I wanted. I loved
 their self titled, but the things I loved most were the group vocals and pop
 melodies. This song has them ALL IN ONE!! Its like an entire record in 5 mins.

 The World/Inferno Friendship Society (wow, I didn't even realize I put 2 bands
 with a "/" next to each other) is some weird fucking group from the northeast.
 I'm honestly puzzled by their presence.

 Islands, oh Islands. They're a band from somewhere. This is probably the only
 song I will tolerate that has recorders as the main melody. I really wanted to
 put "Swans" on here, but there wasn't time.

 Baby Calendar is a Miami "indie pop" band. I got the impression for a while
 that they were getting to be a big deal, but a few years later and this is the
 last record they put out. I don't even think they've played any shows since the
 tour for this. This is from "Gingerbread Dog"... yeah.

 Meneguar did a solid job on this song I think. I don't know why but I love the
 way the drums sound on this. Actually, I love everything about it. Especially
 the fact that its on 7"! I love acoustic 7"s!!!

 Matt & Kim blew the fuck up in late 2006. I had no idea. I remember having to
 convince my friend to book them and promising to bring friends because he
 wasn't sure anybody would come. They're from New York. Oh yeah so was Meneguar.
 And Akron/Family.

 Aphid Ant Constructions were a Gainesville band that I fucking loved. One day
 I found a person from this band on Soulseek sharing a pot of gold that was
 called "new album". I felt like a stalker downloading it, but a year later I
 managed to get permission to put that new album up for download on my site.

 Tubers are from St. Augustine. They rule. You may recognize the first vocalist
 from The South, and the second fellow from Twelve Hour Turn. This is from their
 debut LP on Bakery Outlet (run by that second fellow).

 Brainworms are fucking tight. If I was older I could say that they "renewed my
 faith in hardcore" like everybody else, but I don't think I ever lost it. Or
 maybe I just never had faith in hardcore? Anyway, they're from Richmond and
 totally fucking slay. This is from their demo!

 Please Inform The Captain was a band from the west coast that stopped playing
 shows years ago. Despite that, and amidst some confusing rumors of signing to
 a major label and not being legally allowed to release this, Clean Plate
 finally released their final LP. Totally fucking awesome.

 Armalite is Atom And His Package meets Kid Dynamite. It sounds exactly like
 you imagine. I think I saw one of the few shows this band played.

 Mass Movement Of The Moth were from Richmond. They were very loud and I think
 their drummer was left handed. This is from Outterspace.

 Ampere are from Amherst. This is from their Sinaloa split, which reminded me
 that I don't like Sinaloa, but also reminded me that Ampere is pretty good.

 Russian Circles sound exactly like this record live. Its fucking weird.

 Battle Of Mice are another NY band. I don't know anything else about them.

 Kaki King is a lady from.. New York. I didn't know she was a lady until I heard
 this album, with all the singing and such. Shes got some serious stalkers on
 her Myspace.

 Norfolk & Western is some folks from M Ward and The Decemberists. They redid
 this song a year or so later and it sounds weird. This one is good.

 Magnolia Electric Co seemed like they were on the path to becoming really bad
 country, but luckily they put out another good bluesy record.

 The Lonely Ritual is a kid from Texas. I don't really know anything about him,
 but I think he goes by Eat Grapes now and makes noise.

 Emperor X live!

 Woods (are from New York) (a guy from Meneguar)

 The Blackout Pact is normally a loud rock band, but the end of their album
 has this pretty nice song, and I figured it was a good closer for IHM13.

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