I Hate Music 11: Chuggin' Bruise

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-[ Release Info ]---------------------------------------------------------------

 Name.......:  I Hate Music 11: Chuggin' Bruise
 Release....:  Summer 2005
 Length.....:  79:01
 Size.......:  135.4 MB
 Web........:  http://ukyrgf.com/ihm/

 This is a bit of a weird mix. It doesn't really remind me of summer that much,
 even though it says "Summer 2005 Chuggin Bruise" on the one copy I have left 
 from it. Anyway here it is. Not my best, but not too bad.    
                                                             - Treymon (04/2008)

-[ Track Listing ]--------------------------------------------------------------

  1. Darkest Hour - With A Thousand Words To Say But One                    4:22
  2. The Lawrence Arms - Turnstiles (2005)                                  2:27
  3. Kudzu Wish - Do The Woo                                                2:27
  4. Jon Brion - Monday                                                     2:08
  5. Meneguar - Hands Off                                                   3:14
  6. ...And You Will Know Us By The Trail Of Dead - Will You Smile Again?   6:50
  7. Dillinger Four - Noble Stabbings!!                                     3:02
  8. The Ergs - A Very Pretty Song For A Very Special Young Lady Part 2     1:46
  9. Phono-Comb - Phonebone                                                 2:01
 10. Bandits Of The Acoustic Revolution - Heres To Life                     5:18
 11. We Versus The Shark - Slide                                            3:33
 12. Bear Vs. Shark - Baraga Embankment                                     3:13
 13. Kite Flying Society - Winter Solstice                                  3:28
 14. Modern Life Is War - D.E.A.D.R.A.M.O.N.E.S.                            2:20
 15. Mass Movement Of The Moth - A Festive Tint Of Green                    3:11
 16. La Quiete - Raid Aereo Sul Paese Delle Farfalle                        1:37
 17. The Mary Celeste - Some Mouths                                         3:41
 18. The Evens - Around The Corner                                          3:25
 19. Iron & Wine - Evening On The Ground (Lilith's Song)                    3:04
 20. Songs: Ohia - Cross The Road, Molina                                   6:00
 21. A Silver Mt. Zion - God Bless Our Dead Marines                        11:44

-[ Details ]--------------------------------------------------------------------

 Probably the only Darkest Hour song I can still listen to. Not that its
 particularly awesome or anything, but I think its the only one without
 double bass rolls over 99% of the playtime.

 This is an old Lawrence Arms song that they re-recorded, and then randomly
 tossed in a touch of Hot Water Music's "Turnstile". I'm pretty sure this song
 used to be called Turnstyles, but I don't feel like checking right now.

 Kudzu Wish was a killer band from NC. They always ended up on these weird
 compilations with really really bad bands. I think they were a generally well
 loved band. This is probably the last song they recorded?

 Jon Brion writes the best music to get stoned and watch a movie to. This is
 from the I Heart Huckabees soundtrack.

 From Meneguar's "I Was Born At Night" album.

 Trail Of Dead have 2 drummers. This song is very long, and now that I know what
 it sounds like I can hear tons of really bad auto-tune around 3 minutes in.

 Dillinger Four is a punk band from somewhere, who fucking knows??? Something
 like Minneapolis. They're a very good band, I appreciate the fuck out of them.

 The Ergs is a band from somewhere as well. This is pretty much the only song
 they wrote that isn't completely forgettable, despite the fact that their
 "Ergs is the best pop punk band ever!" fan base is growing exponentially.

 Phono-Comb was a band from the 90s, featuring at least 1 guy from Shadowy Men
 On A Shadowy Planet (Kids In The Hall theme song band). This is from one of my
 favorite records, Fresh Gasoline.

 BOTAR is a post-Catch 22 pre-Streetlight Manifesto band. For those that don't
 know, basically this dude Tom wrote the first Catch 22 album, they got famous,
 he quit, they continue being a band and making bad albums, Tom makes BOTAR with
 other old Catch 22 members, then makes Streetlight Manifesto, who in turn end
 up re-recorded that first Catch 22 album note-for-note and selling it on the
 exact same record label. Shits confusing, and pretty stupid.

 We Versus The Shark: they're from Athens. Georgia. I am not sure, but I bet
 they were attending an art school when they made this record.

 Bear Vs Shark, wait, did I really put two shark bands back-to-back?

 Kite Flying Society was an Orlando band. This is from some unreleased record
 they did, but it ended up getting released on a discography on Init records.
 Normally I would say to get that discography, since it was released way after
 the band broke up and probably isn't selling at all, but its a bunch of burned
 MP3s so fuck it.

 Modern Life Is War is a hardcore band from Iowa. They could easily be passed
 off as another bad hardcore band, but something about them makes me think they
 kind-of know what they're doing as musicians. I also hear they're "sincere".

 MMOTM was a band from Virginia, and this is from their first record/demo thing.
 They ended up re-recording these songs a few years later for some fucking
 reason, and of course they're not as good. Really weird, man.

 La Quiete is an Italian emo band. This is from a pretty good 10" they put out
 called La Fine Non E La Fine, or something like that. It's noisy.

 Mary Celeste was from Pittsburgh, apparently. This is from "Our Guernica".

 The Evens is Ian Mackaye's new band. It's a baritone/drum duo. I love it.

 Iron & Wine never impressed me until this album, "Woman King". Afterwards I
 could enjoy the older stuff, but a lot of it still annoys me. Actually this 
 is still probably the only thing I listen to by the dude.

 Songs: Ohia's "Didn't It Rain" is definitely one of my favorite albums. It
 gives me the fucking chills every time I listen to it. I get excited at the
 thought of putting it on my turntable. Physically excitable.

 Thee Silver Mt Zion Orchestra And Tra La La Band is the name of the band on
 this album, even though it seems to change with each one. Anyway, this is a
 post-Godspeed You Black Emperor band, and it's the first record that I ended
 up actually like them. I love this song. I love the lyrics and that electric
 guitar in the middle and I love the round at the end. I love it all, man.


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