A Day in the Life of Windows 10
November 5, 2023 3 minute read

I recently started having issues with Microsoft Outlook on all of my computers. I joined a company that uses 365, but my machines were all running Office 2019. I didn't think that would be a big deal but lord was it. Just wouldn't open at all, and going through the Windows control panel was futile. Uninstalling and deleting the AppData and Microsoft folders didn't help either; there were some configs still hidden. So, I decided to kill it with fire and do a fresh install. Boy did I forget how much work it takes to get Windows up and running again.

Goodbye AMD, Hello Intel
July 25, 2016 8 minute read

After many years of fantastic service, my overclocked AMD build that I started in 2009 is finally going to get some rest. This weekend, I've built an Intel PC with almost entirely new parts. This post will detail the specs and reasoning behind my choice of hardware!

How To Pin 'My Computer' to the Windows Start Menu
October 22, 2013 1 minute read

Today I'm going to share with you my approach for pinning My Computer to my Windows Start Menu. I prefer to pin My Computer rather than the regular 'Windows Explorer' because I've got a number of hard drives, and I don't enjoy how Explorer organizes it. With this shortcut, you can click it and it will bring up the overview of all your storage and portable devices. This is much more useful.