I Hate Music 15

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-[ Release Info ]---------------------------------------------------------------

 Name.......:  I Hate Music 15
 Release....:  Autumn 2007
 Length.....:  83:04
 Size.......:  130.3 MB
 Web........:  http://ukyrgf.com/ihm/        

 This was a CD I made and had intentions of sharing, but decided to put on the
 web. Its a bunch of tracks from 2007 that I wanted to jam on my way to The Fest
 in Gainesville. I actually never even brought it, but I think its a good mix
 to share with all of my anonymous internet cronies.
                                                             - Treymon (02/2008)

-[ Track Listing ]--------------------------------------------------------------

  1. Lullaby For The Working Class - Good Morning                          4:01
  2. Street Smart Cyclist - Hoods Up!                                      3:09
  3. Small Arms Dealer - Ill Gotten Gains                                  2:46
  4. Chuck Ragan - The Boat                                                3:20
  5. Canterbury Effect - They Don't Run These Things On Hopes And Dreams   2:37
  6. The Down Home Southernaires - High Effect                             4:42
  7. Algernon Cadwallader - Look Down...                                   4:11
  8. Damezumari - Halvsies (The Metaphysics Of Presence)                   3:17
  9. Antlers - White Fur                                                   2:43
 10. Paul Baribeau - Christmas Lights                                      2:05
 11. Tubers - We Are All Very Frozen                                       1:07
 12. Future Virgins - Unredemption Value                                   1:02
 13. Witches With Dicks - How To Cook For 40 Humans                        1:06
 14. Lifetime - Haircuts And T-Shirts                                      1:59
 15. Young Livers - Fair Well                                              2:46
 16. Daggermouth - Hawt Lixx                                               1:58
 17. The Minor Times - +++                                                 4:20
 18. Baroness - Teiresias                                                  6:21
 19. Municipal Waste - Born To Party                                       1:18
 20. Dead Friends - War All The Time                                       1:08
 21. Ampere - Escapism                                                     1:40
 22. Building Better Bombs - No Handouts                                   1:30
 23. Black Cobra - Dragon & Phoenix                                        4:40
 24. The Good Life - You Don't Feel Like Home To Me                        4:40
 25. Emperor X - Colorado Stillsuit                                        3:01
 26. Neil Hamburger - Comedy Death Ray                                    11:25

-[ Details ]--------------------------------------------------------------------

 Lullaby For The Working Class is an acoustic band on Saddle Creek. Members went
 on to be in Cursive and Bright Eyes. This song is from 1996.

 Street Smart Cyclist is a band from Pennsylvania. This is from their demo.

 Small Arms Dealer is a band from Long Island. This is from their 2007 album,
 which has a lot of really dumb song titles and inaudible clips of voicemails.

 Chuck Ragan is the dude from Hot Water Music and Rumbleseat. This is a song he
 wrote for Leatherface, a band he has a major crush on.

 Canterbury Effect is a band that didn't put out a record for 5 years, but they
 mustered up their youthful energy to do another in 2007.

 The Down Home Southernaires are a band from Miami that has members of Pygmy.
 This song is an unmixed version of a song thats now on Negro En Bicicleta.

 Algernon Cadwallader is a band from Philly that sounds a lot like Cap'n Jazz.
 This is from their demo.

 Damezumari are from Oklahoma, or maybe California. This is from their Fire
 Team Charlie split 12".

 Antlers are a band from Richmond. This is from their Rorschach Records album.
 This has members of Mass Movement of the Moth and Olive Tree, and Erin Tobey?

 Paul Baribeau is a dude that lives in Gainesville. I heard his name in the
 movie Juno. Thus, he must be hip. This is from his Grand Ledge CD.

 Tubers are from St. Augustine and have members from The South and Twelve Hour
 Turn. This is from their Shell Out album.

 The Future Virgins is a band from Chattanooga. They are awesome. This is from
 a 7", so it sounds kind of bad.

 Witches With Dicks are a boston punk band that sound a lot like Dillinger Four.
 This is from their Kiss Of Death Record called Manual. It was almost track #1.

 Lifetime is a New Jersey band thats been around a decade or two. I thought they
 kind-of sucked until this new record, but I guess Saves The Day disagrees.

 Young Livers are a newish band from Gainesville, and this is on their No Idea
 record called The New Drop Era.

 Daggermouth is from Canada, and I'm not sure why I like this song.

 The Minor Times are from Philly. They came through here 4 or 5 years ago and
 didn't sound like Coalesce. Now they do. This is on Sumemr Of Wolves.

 Baroness are a radical band from Savannah. This was from their Unpersons split
 that came out a few months before their Relapse LP, so its raw and loud.

 Municipal Waste is another Richmond band. They didn't play at Best Friends Day
 this year for some reason, but their new album still rages.

 Dead Friends are from Gainesville. They're one of my favorite new Florida
 hardcore bands. This is from their 7".

 Ampere are an Amherst hardcore band. They put out a lot of fucking records in
 two years, and this is one of the songs that stuck out.

 Building Better Bombs are from Minneapolis. This is from their CD called Freak
 Out Squares that Init Records put out.

 Black Cobra is a California band that has a dude from Floor or Dove or one of
 those bands. I don't know, to be honest.

 The Good Life is the guy from Cursive's side band. That makes 2 Cursive related
 projects on one CD. Sorry. This is from Help Wanted Nights.

 Emperor X is from Jacksonville and Brooklyn. I love him. If I had it my way he
 would play every show I book. This is from Bakery Outlet's "Bako Comp" CD.

 Neil Hamburger is an old man.

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