I Hate Music 12

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-[ Release Info ]---------------------------------------------------------------

 Name.......:  I Hate Music 12
 Release....:  October 2005
 Length.....:  83:50
 Size.......:  129.3 MB
Web.........:  http://ukyrgf.com/ihm/

 I made this mix when a bunch of my younger friends had graduated and moved
 away, and I got a job 45 minutes away. Needless to say, I was driving a lot.
 The first half of this CD is sort-of 'windows down, cigarette smoking', and the
 second half is 'windows up, naptime at the wheel' stuff. You know?
                                                             - Treymon (05/2008)

-[ Track Listing ]--------------------------------------------------------------

  1. Hi Ho, Six Shooter! - Untitled                                         4:01
  2. Mass Movement of the Moth - Seven                                      3:10
  3. We Versus The Shark - Ten Uh Clock Heart Uh Tack                       4:19
  4. Die Hoffnung - Orpheus In His Underwear                                3:46
  5. The Gibbons - Volume Of 2                                              1:44
  6. Akron/Family - Running, Returing                                       4:33
  7. Daitro - Laissez Vivre Les Squelettes                                  4:38
  8. Robots Don't Cry - Dont Fuck with the Magical Lamborghini Circus       6:40
  9. 1000 Talons - And Then There Was Light                                 4:13
 10. La Clef - Porque Tu Madre De Las...                                    6:52
 11. A Petal Fallen - With Man Gone, Will There Be Hope For Gorilla?        6:51
 12. Damon Che - Oh, Suzanna                                                7:16
 13. Thursday - Autumn Leaves                                               5:50
 14. The Holy Shroud - Sinners And Sailors                                  4:43
 15. Backseat Driver - Life In The Fourth Dimension                         3:08
 16. On The Strings Of - Breakdown                                          2:56
 17. Des Ark - Some Are Love                                                2:10
 18. Aphid Ant Constructions - Blueberries (live)                           3:43
 19. Songs: Ohia - Leave The City (radio)                                   3:07

-[ Details ]--------------------------------------------------------------------

 Hi Ho, Six Shooter are a band from Virginia that write songs about living in
 the 1800s. This song is unreleased, but got re-recorded for their 2007 album
 "Empire", and is now titled "Snowdog's Final Ride".

 MMOTM are from Virginia as well. This is probably my favorite song by them. It
 is from their Polar split, but a version can be found on "Outerspace" as well.

 We Versus The Shark are from Athens, Georgia. Baritone guitar man.

 Die Hoffnung are the 2 bros from I Hate Myself, rocking as a duo. They told a
 story about how punks shouldn't hate the police and high school. They should be
 nice cops and good teachers instead.

 The Gibbons are from Detroit, and this is from their Caulfield split.

 Akron/Family are a band from New York. They used to have cool songs like this,
 from their self-titled album, but now they're just a jam band.

 Daitro is from France. I don't know why, but I really love the intro to this

 Robots Don't Cry is a band I know nothing about, but I think this song is about
 a dead friend so its super sad and emotional :(. I really like the backwards
 feedback and impromptu youth crew moment at the end.

 1000 Talons was some dude on a recording message board I used to read. I don't
 think this song was ever finished or released or anything. It's all one guy.

 La Clef is an emo band that wrote this incredibly long song. It's whatever.

 A Petal Fallen was a band from somewhere in the north east, I don't remember.
 Dudes from it are in Pyramids now. This is from a 10", and I love 10"s.

 Damon Che is the Don Caballero drummer. This is from a compilation of drummers
 called Membranaphonics. It's pretty bad except for this song.

 Thursday is a pretty popular band. This is from some demos of their newer 
 album. I like it.

 The Holy Shroud was the new North Of America band. Then, North Of America went
 on tour again? I don't know, but I guess Holy Shroud isn't a band anymore.

 Backseat Driver was another band that some guy on a recording forum did. This
 was originally a different version, but I can't find that anywhere. So this is
 slightly different than the original IHM12. Really slightly. Barely.

 On The Strings Of was a band from Miami/Tallahassee. This was from a CD he 
 recorded and then I don't think ever released. What a dweeb.

 Des Ark is from NC.

 Aphid Ant Construction was a Gainesville band. This is live from 2002 or so.

 Songs: Ohia was an incredibly somber band from.. Chicago? Oregon? One of
 them. Anyway this is from a Belgian radio show! After this he started going by
 Magnolia Electric Co. and got a big band and sounds a lot like Neil Young.


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