I Hate Music 10

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-[ Release Info ]---------------------------------------------------------------

 Name.......:  I Hate Music 10
 Release....:  January 2005
 Length.....:  83:21
 Size.......:  122.7 MB
 Web........:  http://ukyrgf.com/ihm/

 I Hate Music 10 was probably the last physical mix I cared about. Malory sewed
 all the covers for me, and the songs took me forever to organize and adjust to
 get sounding relatively similar. I don't even think I ended up giving these to
 anybody, so after this the CD concept really took a nosedive for me. This is
 probably one of my favorites to this day (musically).
                                                             - Treymon (02/2008)

-[ Track Listing ]--------------------------------------------------------------

  1. I Hate Music 10 - Intro                                                0:40
  2. Up Up Down Down Left Right Left Right B A Start - Come Away            2:48
  3. Sheryl's Magnetic Aura - The World Just Died                           5:36
  4. Funeral Diner - This Is Truly God's Country                            5:17
  5. An Arrow In Flight - I Am The Sun And The Air                          4:27
  6. Life At These Speeds - Blindfold King                                  5:46
  7. Daitro - Mon Corps                                                     3:01
  8. Shitstorm - Turtleviolence                                             0:47
  9. Beneath Low Flying Planes - Isolated On The Analog                     3:20
 10. 1905 - Lingua Franca                                                   4:25
 11. Ampere - Woodlawn                                                      1:57
 12. Wow, Owls! - Five Sexy Alligators Please                               2:36
 13. Meneguar - House Of Cats                                               4:08
 14. Haram - Disease                                                        3:07
 15. FIYA - National Anthem II                                              2:06
 16. Gunmoll - Song #2                                                      3:09
 17. North Lincoln - Apology                                                1:42
 18. ...Says I - Anyone Have A Light?                                       4:57
 19. Environmental Youth Crunch - I'm Sorry Mr. Alligator                   3:11
 20. Hi Ho, Six Shooter! - The Battle For Mine Creek                        5:31
 21. Aphid Ant Constructions - For Fiery Hearts                             3:04
 22. Rosa - Greg Allen                                                      4:16
 23. On The Strings Of - Satin Eyes Scream As They Die                      4:48
 24. Boogdish - I Just Want To Breathe Without Machines (Rio de la Muerte)  2:29

-[ Details ]--------------------------------------------------------------------

 The intro is from Walker Texas Ranger. Now, I really did think this show was
 funny before the internet blew it out of proportion and my fucking dad was
 cracking jokes. Regardless, in good conscious, it was hard for me to keep this
 track on here and give it the IHM stamp of approval. I must respect the
 integrity of the past though...

 Up Up Down Down was a cool band from New Jersey. I like how this song EXPLODES!

 Sheryl's Magnetic Aura turned into Meneguar. They're from New York.

 Funeral Diner was a California band that had members of Portraits Of Past. They
 "screamed" a lot and were "emotional hardcore", if you catch my drift.

 An Arrow In Flight was another band from California. I thought this album was
 a lot better than their first one, but nowdays I'm not sure. Something about
 the guy that scream's voice really gets on my nerves. Like he's faking it.

 Another song from Life At These Speeds' self titled. This one is kind of quiet
 and long, but ends really well.

 Daitro has the drummer from Mihai Edrisch, and that guy can probably make any
 band sound good. He totally tears it up on this song. They're from France.

 Shitstorm was the first ex-Tunes For Bears band to put out a record. At the
 second 305 Fest we had a North vs South Florida battle during their set. I'm
 pretty sure this record was mastered with 128kbps wma files, so it sounds bleh.

 Beneath Low Flying Planes was a band from Melbourne FL. I miss watching them
 play... it was always a memorable experience.

 1905 seemed to be dead, but then this split with Amanda Woodward came out of
 nowhere. And then they broke up for real.

 This Ampere song is one of my favorite songs. It was the longest song they'd
 written by a longshot at nearly two minutes. It's pretty sad.

 Wow, Owls! was a Richmond band. I think this demo was mastered from MP3 files
 because every copy I have sounds like shit.

 Meneguar had a demo right before this that I loved, but originally only had it
 on tape so I didn't want to put on here. I think I sent them a message on
 Myspace and they ended up sending me a bunch of unmixed songs from their
 upcoming LP (I Was Born At Night). This is one of them! Ultra rare traxxx.

 Haram is sort-of a post-Majority Rule band. I used to love the MR song called
 "American Feature" because it had a breakdown where one of the vocalists would
 sing instead of doing the crazy screaming. Haram is an entire band of that
 breakdown! This is from their demo.

 FIYA is a band from Gainesville. I got arrested on the streets of the Fest 3,
 and right when that was done I walked up to Deadtank's distro and bought this
 album. Definitely worth it! From Make Joy, Make Strength.

 Gunmoll was a band from Gainesville as well. They were awesome live, but their
 first LP was kind-of boring. Then they put out the killer Fifth Hour Hero split
 and this really great record called Board Of Rejection.

 North Lincoln definitely isn't breaking any new ground in punk rock, but this
 record is pretty good. They're from Small Brown Bike country.

 Says I was a band from Orlando that I found out about the day before a show I
 was booking and asked them to fill an empty spot. They were all really nice.
 This song is from a CD they made for that show called "Dance Deland Dance".

 Environmental Youth Crunch also played that show, which I think was one of the
 first shows I booked. This record was recorded with their old drummer, and
 for a long time they wouldn't play these songs live. These are definitely still
 my favorite tracks by these guys. From St. Augustine.

 Hi Ho, Six Shooter! is from Virginia. This was from sort-of a concept 7"
 about a brother going to war, and the B-side was from the other brother's
 perspective. They write songs about living in the 1800s, by the way.

 Aphid Ant Constructions was a band from Gainesville that blew me away the
 first time I saw them. I try not to use "amazing" anymore, but they definitely
 were. I was getting really tired of the whole acoustic schtick that bands were
 clinging to ever since Plan It X got popular, but this band reminded me that
 not everything acoustic is "folk punk".


 On The Strings Of was a really good acoustic punk band from Tallahassee.
 This song is a really rough recording, but is my favorite of everything they've
 done. I've been assured that the violin is real and not a keyboard.

 The last track is a song I found on Livejournal, I think. It's a cover of a Rio
 de le Muerte song, and since I was going to Rio's birthday party that night I
 tossed it onto the end of a rough draft of IHM10 and played it for him. I think
 it was supposed to be a surprise from Boogdish and I kind-of ruined it. 

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