I Hate Music Summer Edition

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-[ Release Info ]---------------------------------------------------------------

 Name.......:  I Hate Music Summer Edition
 Release....:  Summer 2004
 Length.....:  162:05
 Size.......:  284.4 MB
 Web........:  http://ukyrgf.com/ihm/

 Summer 2004 was insane. I broke my leg at The South's last show.. an injury
 that I'm still fucked up for. I just got surgery (March 2008), and if I was
 allowed to walk on it I probably wouldn't be sitting here filling out all these
 ridiculous IHM nfo files. But since I have nothing to do and GTA4 doesn't come
 out for another few weeks I'm fucking doin it.
 Anyway, this was a double disc mix I made around August of 2004. This period of
 my life was filled with John Bunnel jokes, parties at my house when my parents
 were gone, fake IDs, and cussing at kids on Socom 2 online. I had met a lot of
 new friends so I decided to put a bunch of my favorite songs on the 2nd CD for
 them. Get with it!
                                                            - Treymon (04/2008)

-[ Track Listing ]--------------------------------------------------------------

     DISC 1
  1. This Ship Will Sink - Dear Matthew                                     4:14
  2. Tyranny Of Shaw - Stars in Camoflauge                                  2:54
  3. Textbook Traitors - Force Fed Voices                                   2:09
  4. From Ashes Rise - Reaction                                             3:14
  5. Envy - Reasons and Oblivion                                            5:05
  6. Neil Perry - Fading Away Like The Rest Of Them                         2:50
  7. Citizen Void - Jesus Was A Surfer                                      1:22
  8. Shed For You - Your Schauundenfruede                                   2:36
  9. The Plot To Blow Up The Eiffel Tower - For Aileen                      1:08
 10. Funeral Diner - End On 6                                               6:19
 11. mustaphamond - It's Opposite Day: I Love You                           5:18
 12. The Critic - This Is Apathetic, This Is The Test                       5:11
 13. Toru Okada - A Graveled Street                                         2:48
 14. Western Sky - Present Tense Freedom Fighters                           2:55
 15. Malady - Tongue                                                        3:44
 16. Pygmy - Banana Swastika                                                3:29
 17. The Ghost - A Letter From God                                          3:41
 18. Kudzu Wish - We've Got Big Hands                                       3:48
 19. Carrie Nations - Former Babies                                         1:36
 20. One Reason - The Black And The Red                                     3:48
 21. Stop It!! - Remove Your Teeth                                          4:08
 22. Kodan Armada - Butterfly Effect                                        3:02
 23. Die, Emperor! Die! - Another City For A Different Life                 4:19

     DISC 2
  1. Tunes For Bears To Dance To - Swim Back Mr. Fish                       2:16
  2. American Nightmare - Farewell                                          2:23
  3. Circle Takes the Square - In The Nervous Light of Sunday               6:17
  4. pg.99 - In Love With An Apparition                                     3:46
  5. With Resistance - Condition Red                                        2:51
  6. 1905 - Fall                                                            2:42
  7. In Pieces - A Fitting Lie                                              5:22
  8. Propagandhi - Purina Hall Of Fame                                      3:44
  9. Hot Water Music - Sound For Language                                   4:15
 10. The Lawrence Arms - Another Boring Story                               3:00
 11. Bear vs. Shark - Buses/No Buses                                        3:14
 12. With Honor - Bridges and Gaps                                          2:49
 13. Where Eagles Dare - Good Times                                         1:22
 14. The South - Stop Talking & Pay Attention                               2:07
 15. Army Of Ponch - Those Old Hurts                                        4:07
 16. Cursive - Tides Rush In                                                4:04
 17. The Broadways - We'll Have A Party                                     4:33
 18. Defiance, Ohio - This Time, This Year                                  3:09
 19. Ghost Mice - The Devil And My Family                                   2:14
 20. Rumbleseat - Moonshiner                                                4:35
 21. Fifth Hour Hero - Badly Drawn                                          3:00
 22. I Hate Myself - To A Husband At War                                    3:12
 23. I Would Set Myself On Fire For You - The First Word That Comes To Mind 7:01

-[ Details ]--------------------------------------------------------------------

 This Ship Will Sink was an ex-Assistant band. That guy Tom is in lots of bands.
 I think now hes in In First Person. This song is about Matthew Shepherd.

 Tyranny Of Shaw was a Miami band. The drummer is in Torche now. This was pre
 Tunes For Bears, as well.

 Textbook Traitors were some kids from.. I was going to search Google to find
 out but got sidetracked that their CD is available at circuitcity.com.

 From Ashes Rise was a Jade Tree band that doesn't sound like any other Jade
 Tree band. Dudes from Tragedy/Warcry/Deatthreat. I like the end of this song.

 Envy was a Japanese band that I found out about with their split with Yaphet
 Kotto. I didn't even know they were Japanese for a long time, mostly because
 the internet sucked for finding out stuff about bands 4 or 5 years ago.

 Neil Perry has one of my favorite drummers ever. That drum fill at 2:15-2:30 is
 so awesome. On the CD they have a video of an overhead camera shot of it.

 Citizen Void was a South Carolina band. I think this song made me want to play
 bass. The singer is now in Thank God, which is a great band.

 Shed For You was a Tampa band. Another example of me liking clean guitarlines
 with raging drum parts a little bit too much back then.

 The Plot.. was a good band for a bit. I like the female vocals at the end
 of this song. This is from their Necktie split.

 Funeral Diner was from Calfornia. This song has many good parts to it. This
 paragraph feels like an English 1 paper.

 Mustaphamond is a band I know nothing about. I'm not sure where I got this song
 from, but it always stuck out to me as being exceptionally good.

 The Critic was a band from New Hampshire or New Jersey or something. Their
 drummer sent me this over the internet a long time ago because he didn't feel
 like mailing me a copy.

 Toru Okada was a bunch of kids from Texas. They wrote a lot of really really
 corny songs, but this song is pretty good. They also had the bad idea of
 mastering all their CDs and records from shitty MP3s, so none of their music
 sounds good (regardless of recording quality).

 Western Sky was a badass band that I wish I knew more about. They had a 4 song
 EP that totally rules, but I've never found anybody that actually owns it. I
 think it was just a random Soulseek download.

 Malady was one of the first ex-pg99 bands to put out an LP. Unfortunately it
 kind-of sucked. This song is pretty good though.

 Pygmy was a killer Miami band. Members are now in Down Home Southernaires. They
 had a guy painting when they played.

 The Ghost was a great band from Chicago. I traded records with a guy once and
 he sent me a CD with a ton of Ghost demo tracks and stuff on it, but I lost it.
 They ended up re-recording this song for "This Pen Is A Weapon", which is the
 copy I put on this mix.

 Kudzu Wish was from North Carolina. I was at a house show and didn't realize
 they were playing until the singer came outside with the microphone, still
 singing, and gathered us up and brough us inside. It was funny, OK?

 Carrie Nations was from Georgia. They were a lot of fun live. A lot.

 One Reason is/was a band from Lousianna, I think. I played a show with them a
 few years ago and they were awesome.

 Stop It!! was a band from Richmond. They came highly recommended to me.
 This is from Self Made Maps, but their demo rules too. They had the demo
 'remastered' in 2004, but it turned out to just be really really bad MP3s
 burned on a CD (worse than a Myspace stream, seriously). I even got another
 copy thinking mine was defective, but it was the same. Shame :(

 This Kodan Armada song was mine and a lot of other people's favorite song by
 them (from their Ohio Killed The Grey Ghost CD), but they went through a big
 lineup change and never played it live. Luckily they figured it out and even
 re-recorded it for their Collections CD (another CD of burned MP3s). I like
 the original better. I'm not sure why I put the new one on here.

 Die, Emperor! Die! was from Texas. I think they're sort-of responsible for
 the horror that is Rosa, but I think this song is pretty good.


 Tunes For Bears was a Miami band that ended up spawning Torche, Capsule,
 Shitstorm, Osceola, and 30 other bands that only played 1 or 2 shows.

 American Nightmare is the only band I will defend if I ever find myself in a
 Bridge 9 inquisition.

 I saw CTTS sometime in 2003, and they were selling CDRs of this As The Roots
 Undo album. It took almost a year for it to come out for real. And now 4+ years
 later they still haven't put out a new record. I think I heard a new song that
 was stoner rock... but I think they missed the hipster bandwagon on that by
 about a year now.

 pg99 was a band that had a lot of very bad songs, and a few very good ones.
 This is from Doc 8, which has more good ones than bad.

 With Resistance was a band I am not sure how I got into (I think a Lumberjack
 sampler CD of all things?). Anyway, this song is pretty OK. Another song with
 screaming over clean guitars. I ate that shit up I guess.

 1905 are the shit. I think I spawned a mythical character in Gainesville after
 I drunkenly yelled "one more!!" for 15 minutes after they were completely
 done playing and packed up.

 In Pieces are another band I'm not sure how I got into. I don't like their
 label, I don't know any other bands related to them. I like this record though.

 Propagandhi was the first punk band I got into. I was 8 and would make my
 sister play Ska Sucks in her car so I could sing along and say swear words.
 That was the definition of punk rock to me for another 7 years.

 Hot Water Music was that band that changed my mind 7 years ago about punk
 music. This song isn't their best, but I've probably heard it 5 million times
 in my life on the way to the beach in my friend's car.

 The Lawrence Arms was one of the first "pop punk" bands I liked. In high school
 the only exposure I had to that term was New Found Glory, so when I got a
 promo sampler for Apathy And Exhaustion when I was 15 or 16 I was hooked.

 Bear Vs Shark caught me off guard live. I liked this album a lot, but always
 imagined them being hipster douches. Instead they were just pretty crazy and 
 intense. They switched instruments a lot.

 With Honor was the band that got me into the whole youth crew posi hardcore
 crap. They were giving out these demos for free and I listened to it over and
 over the entire ride home.

 Where Eagles Dare was a friend of a friends band. I was never one to pass up
 gang vocals, especially ones with completely arbitrary lyrics like "good times,
 hardcore pride, respect, unity".

 The South was a St. Augustine band that totally fucking ruled. The guitarist
 had a huge afro, the drummer set his drums on fire, people battled with
 cardboard swords and 12 pack boxes as armor, and everybody went apeshit and
 screamed every word. Members are in Environmental Youth Crunch, Tubers, etc.

 Army Of Ponch was a Gainesville band that I like. I really like this song
 because it has Dave Diem singing "the feedback is beautiful" over and over.

 Cursive was another band I got into when I was 16 or 17, so whenever I hear
 their songs I get real nostalgic. This song in particular is the shit, though.
 I have this memory of playing it for a friend of mine and he immediately
 dismissed it and said "it just sounds like a crappy demo". Thats when I 
 realized some people are completely content listening to radio rock.

 The Broadways was a band before The Lawrence Arms. I listened to them for
 months before I paid attention to the lyrics and realized they were fucking
 poets. This song is kind-of long but I love it.

 Defiance Ohio gave me a lifetime of drunk car ride singalongs, and drunk guitar
 around a fire singalongs, and drunk show singalongs. Thanks dudes.

 Ghost Mice got so fucking annoying so fast. I like this Saw Wheel split. The
 instruments sound nice, the vocals are sort-of pleasant, and the songs are
 catchy and nice. Everything besides this though.. holy shit. Guantanamo Bay.

 Rumbleseat was a side project made when HWM split, between the 2 front guys
 and Chuck's (ex)wife. She is in Cassette and Deep And Holy Sea. He has Chuck
 Ragan solo acoustic albums, and Chris Wollard even has a solo album now.
 Regardless, nothing will ever beat Rumbleseat. This was the first time I heard
 acoustic songs that felt like they were written by my peers instead of some guy
 30 years ago.

 I saw Fifth Hour Hero in 2002 with Gunmoll and Against Me! in this tiny bar in
 Orlando. They were OK. Their Gunmoll split was OK as well. However, the song
 they contributed to the Experiments In Audio Rocketry comp floored me. They
 cheated by having electric guitars at the end, but its so worth it.

 I Hate Myself was a Gainesville band, now mostly Die Hoffnung. This song is a
 great song to cover. Seriously.

 I Would Set Myself On Fire For You was probably the band that got me into this
 style of music. I saw them at Orlando Fest in 2003. It was outside in a court
 yard, and as they were playing, this massive thunderstorm rolled in and made
 the whole thing so fucking eery. The set ended with the rain coming down and
 everybody running with their instruments to shelter somewhere.

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