I Hate Music 9

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-[ Release Info ]---------------------------------------------------------------

 Name.......:  I Hate Music 9
 Release....:  Late 2004
 Length.....:  78:38
 Size.......:  134.7 MB
 Web........:  http://ukyrgf.com/ihm/

 This mix is full of hardcore bands that I either liked because their drummer
 ruled, or they had particularly interesting rhythm, or their bassist ruled.
 So pretty much they had groove. This mix reminds me of vodka, for some reason.
                                                             - Treymon (03/2008)

-[ Track Listing ]--------------------------------------------------------------

  1. I Hate Music 9 - Intro                                                 0:29
  2. Shed For You - She's Like a Stomach Cockroach; Only in Roger's Dreams  1:17
  3. A Billion Ernies - Doomsday Robot Army                                 4:12
  4. True North - Summer Lovin'                                             5:08
  5. Q And Not U - Collect The Diamonds                                     3:43
  6. Mary Celeste - Tapestries, Etc                                         3:33
  7. Life At These Speeds - Submerge                                        4:20
  8. Mihai Edrisch - Et Poutant                                             3:17
  9. La Quiete - Eravamo Amici, Mah                                         2:34
 10. The Saddest Landscape - He Died Among Dreams                           3:23
 11. Joshua Fit For Battle - Oh Good, Its One Of Those "Reality" Shows      2:46
 12. Evil Robot Us' - War Profits                                           2:12
 13. Mono - Halcyon (Beautiful Days)                                        8:09
 14. Querencia - My Living Will                                             6:48
 15. The Assistant - Be Nice To Me, I Had A Ruff Day                        4:32
 16. The Great Redneck Hope... - Let's Fall In Love Over AIM So We Can Fuck
     When We Meet At Cornerstone                                            0:49
 17. The Plot To Blow Up The Eiffel Tower - For Marcus                      2:53
 18. The Casket Lottery - On The Air                                        3:53
 19. Braid - A Dozen Roses                                                  4:15
 20. Coalesce - Blue Collar Lullaby                                         4:42
 21. Hi Ho, Six Shooter! - My Last Days In Rattlesnake Territory            5:32

-[ Details ]--------------------------------------------------------------------

 The intro is by my hero John Bunnel.

 Shed For You.. again. This is the 3rd IHM mix they made it on. I honestly don't
 know what I was thinking. I do like the random guitar solo at 1 minute, though.

 A Billion Ernies. Man, this mix is not off to a good start as far as bands go.
 This song is good, but the rest of their songs are so bad its not even funny.

 True North were from Gainesville, and somehow managed to get better and better
 everytime I saw them play. This is from Somewhat Similar.

 Q And Not U had a very very good first record, AND THEN GOT AWFUL. No more
 dueling guitars and raging basslines. They turned into crappy dance rock. I
 think by the time Power came out I was so desensitized that this song was OK.

 Mary Celeste sound kind-of like Q And Not U's first record, now that I think
 about it. This was one of those songs that I downloaded late at night off some
 label's website and could never find out anything about the band for months.
 All I could find was sites about goddamn microwave pizzas.

 Life At These Speeds did a good thing on their first album. It really summed
 up everything good about emo music from its era. I'm sad I never saw them live.

 Mihai Edrisch, to me, sounded like France's answer to Envy. Epic guitars and
 super intense drums were all the rage. I really like the synth breakdown.

 La Quiete are an Italian band that is pretty good at not using distortion
 all the time. This was from a 3 song tour CD they did right before La Fine
 Non E La Fine came out (which ended up completely blowing this stuff away).

 The Saddest Landscape wanted to be Rites Of Spring pretty bad I think. Their
 singer really annoys me most of the time, but I can tolerate this song.

 Joshua Fit For Battle was a band from New Jersey that did the screamo thing
 pretty OK. This is from To Bring Our Own End. Man, I really loved off-time
 breakdowns when I made this mix.

 Evil Robot Us' was a New York acoustic punk band. I like percussion on
 acoustic guitars a lot.

 Mono is a Japanese instrumental band. Times were easier for instrumental bands
 back then.. there wasn't a bunch of douchebags dropping "post-rock" every
 other word in record reviews. This isn't their best song, but I just wanted a
 nice pretty instrumental song on the mix. And its kind-of short for Mono.

 Querencia was some band from a guy on VLV. They have pianos and keyboards
 and a very good drummer that I think quit to join Backstabbers, Inc.

 The Assistant was another New Jersey band. Members went on to do This Ship
 Will Sink, In First Person, Wrong Day To Quit, and were in You And I.

 The Great Redneck Hope was kind-of a stupid band from somewhere. They were
 fun live.

 The Plot To Blow Up The Eiffel Tower's 3rd IHM appearance. This band was so
 good before they started going for shock value instead of writing good songs.

 Its odd that this might be the only Casket Lottery song on an IHM mix, because
 its not even that memorable. This was on their last record.

 Braid was a good band. I like this song, and it fit with the whole off-time
 feel of this mix.

 Coalesce is normally a very loud band with lots of screaming and breakdowns.
 Seeing their name on a Punk Goes Acoustic compilation was bewildering, but it
 turned out to be fucking awesome.

 Hi Ho, Six Shooter are some good lads from Virginia. I think they're very
 good songwriters and I'm glad they're having fun with history. This is from
 Passing Through Just Like A Ghost.

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