I Hate Music 7 & 8

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-[ Release Info ]---------------------------------------------------------------

 Name.......:  I Hate Music 7
 Release....:  Winter 2003/2004
 Length.....:  84:14
 Size.......:  138.9 MB
 Web........:  http://ukyrgf.com/ihm/

 IHM 7 and 8 were almost lost discs. I made 7 for a lot of people, and kept 8
 mostly to myself, but once summer of 2003 came around I decided to just pick
 my favorite songs and make a double-disc mix. These were the discarded stock
 from 7 & 8. I made this mostly for myself again, I think.
                                                             - Treymon (04/2008)

-[ Track Listing ]--------------------------------------------------------------

  1. Light Fuse And Get Away - Bebop And Shiteater                          3:03
  2. Kodan Armada - butterfly effect                                        3:41
  3. HORSE The Band - Cutsman                                               3:51
  4. This Day Forward - In the Past... On the Ground                        4:13
  5. This Machine Kills - Carpet Of Gole, Carpet Of Bombs                   3:45
  6. The Plot To Blow Up The Eiffel Tower - Sometimes I Wish I'd Lost A
     Leg                                                                    1:33
  7. Up Up Down Down Left Right Left Right B A Start - You Landed So
     Gracefully                                                             1:38
  8. Canterbury Effect - Lightning And Lottery                              3:27
  9. Affront - Thank You                                                    2:46
 10. Mental - Idiotic                                                       1:20
 11. Casey Jones - No This X Doesn't Mean Porn                              1:45
 12. Miles Between Us - For Those We Forget                                 3:47
 13. The Backup Plan - even the mona lisa is falling apart                  1:45
 14. Shed For You - Your Music Is Bad And You Should Feel bad               2:00
 15. Zombie Apocalypse - The Dead In the Queue                              2:00
 16. Dispensing Of False Halos - It Was Always Said                         3:47
 17. Textbook Traitors - This Is My Speech Act                              2:58
 18. Amanda Woodward - Ecarte Du Lucre                                      3:14
 19. An Arrow in Flight - Theory and Practice of Seizing Days               3:49
 20. Welcome the Plague Year - Into Twilight                                6:17
 21. 1905 - Voice                                                           1:54
 22. Nakatomi Plaza - Consider This a Hostile Takeover                      1:40
 23. Hot Cross - Pretty Picture of a Broken Face                            3:11
 24. Cowboys Became Folk Heroes - Direct Action Gets the Goods              3:20
 25. Funeral Diner - The Wicked                                             3:18
 26. Saetia - Some Natures Catch No Plagues                                 4:15
 27. Tunes For Bears To Dance To - Paradise (Is Very Nice)                  3:16
 28. Defiance, Ohio - Sweet Dudes and Sweet Ladies                          2:28

-[ Details ]--------------------------------------------------------------------

 LFAGA was my band back when I was 18. I put this on here for my friends and it
 lingered on the final copies. I think our goal was to make A++ songs with the
 stupidest lyrics ever, but scream them so nobody knew any better.

 Kodan Armada was a Lousville hardcore band that ended up getting really popular
 after this demo came out. They broke message boards, man.

 HORSE the band are kind-of jackasses, but back before this came out they came
 through and played this R Borlax album front-to-back in a kid's living room in
 Ormond Beach. Then, they played it again, because there were no other bands.

 This Day Forward are one of those bands that have been completely forgotten.
 This was from their last record, called In Response.

 This Machine Kills was a pretty OK band. I think they had that Steve Aoki guy
 singing, and now he has hipster club mix commercials on MTV.

 Plot To Blow Up The Eiffel Tower kind-of went insane after this album. They
 became icons for the "sassy" movement. Seriously, I don't know how anybody
 could listen to that music and not be embarrassed for everybody involved.

 Up Up Down Down are a pretty cool band that run a recording studio. They put
 out a bunch of internet-only albums for free and other neat gimmics. Too bad
 the new albums are really boring.

 Canterbury Effect is good. They're from Indiana. I think the first words of
 this song might be "lets fly a kite"??

 Affront was a DC punk band that I briefly got into, and then they cancelled
 their tour and put out a bunch of bad albums. This song is so cheesy.

 Mental were from Boston. They ended up being one of those stupid jock Nike
 bands that meatheads would 'rep', but I thought their demo was pretty good.

 Casey Jones are/were a band from Jacksonville. They were fun at first, but I
 don't really like any of their music besides the demo. They got way too
 serious about the whole straight edge fuck you thing. I thought it was a joke.

 Miles Between Us' label gave this CD to me for free for no reason, so I kind-
 of respected that and liked it probably more than the music merited.

 The Backup Plan were one of those good Kid Dynamite/Lifetime clones.

 Shed For You was a Tampa band that I think I found out about through - and 
 this is so 2003 - Livejournal. I wanted to help them out with shows but they 
 ended up being really sketchy.

 Zombie Apocalypse is a side band with the Shai Hulud guys. This is the longest
 song on their record by a long shot. Most of them are 20-30 seconds.

 Dispensing Of False Halos were an Init Records band from Iowa. I saw them play
 on a sidewalk in a small courtyard and it was fucking intense.

 Textbook Traitors was a bunch of young tykes, I think. I love how much this
 record just sounds like a complete assault on your ears. It hurts so good.

 Amanda Woodward is/was a French band. I like European emo because I can't tell
 when they're singing about embarrassingly corny stuff.

 An Arrow In Flight was a band from California.

 Welcome The Plague Year's demo was really good. I just like how it sounds.
 A total wall of sound with way too many people screaming. Their LP ended up
 sounding really distant and unfocused and it lost all its charm.

 1905 were a DC band that I found out about back when they had MP3s of their
 demo on the internet. I was probably 16 then so I didn't like it, but when this
 LP came out I paid attention again and realized it kicked ass.

 Nakatomi Plaza really made me pay attention when they played live. They were
 all over the place going crazy. I saw them at the Fest 4 or 5 and it was bleh.
 But they had really nice gear then. Anyway, this is from "Private Property".

 Hot Cross is a few guys from Saetia and a few other bands. Something about
 them has always seemed "off", like theres a missing part somewhere. Regardless,
 I still like a few songs off their first 2 records.

 Cowboys Became Folk Heroes were a Lakeland FL band. All of their songs used
 the same chords. First time I saw them they told fictional surf stories in
 between songs. I thought they were really good.

 Funeral Diner put out this EP and rocketed up on my "bands I love" list. I was
 deeply in love with the whole quiet/loud dynamics of emo bands at the time.

 Saetia was a New York band. I put this song on IHM to see if anybody would be
 able to tolerate the vocals. I really like everything about the music. I was
 really into bands that could play undistorted but still sound loud as fuck.

 Tunes For Bears To Dance To were a Miami group that came to sort of epitomize
 the south Florida scene in early 2004. I can't really describe it any more
 than that. They were important to a lot of people once upon a time.

 Defiance, Ohio put out a great 3 song Tour CD after Share What Ya Got came out,
 and this was one of the jams. They ended up haphazardously shoving those songs
 right in the middle of the LP version of SWYG, which is still weird to this day.

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