I Hate Ballads

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-[ Release Info ]---------------------------------------------------------------

 Name.......:  I Hate Music :(
 Release....:  Autumn 2004
 Length.....:  82:02
 Size.......:  150.2 MB
 Web........:  http://ukyrgf.com/ihm/

 I made this CD for a particularly heartbroken friend of mine. It was a bit of a
 joke, but I really wanted to do an 'emo ballads' disc. Either way, here are 
 some great songs utilizing the minor key to its fullest extent.
                                                             - Treymon (04/2008)

-[ Track Listing ]--------------------------------------------------------------

  1. I Have Dreams - Countless Rooftops                                     3:03
  2. You and I - 143 (JCM)                                                  3:32
  3. Hot Cross - Requiescat                                                 4:22
  4. Kodan Armada - No Has Never Had 3 Letters                              4:56
  5. Saetia - Venus And Bacchus                                             3:19
  6. The Critic - The Truth About Dreaming                                  4:07
  7. Hopesfall - The End Of An Era                                          6:45
  8. Small Brown Bike & Casket Lottery - Wrong Hometown                     4:09
  9. ...And You Will Know Us By The Trail Of Dead - It Was There That I     4:02
     Saw You
 10. The Broadways - Dropjaw                                                3:28
 11. Canterbury Effect - Burns Brightest Burns Fastest                      3:59
 12. The Blacktop Cadence - Last Night...After I Bought The Wine            5:15
 13. The Get Up Kids - Michelle With One "L"                                6:01
 14. On The Might Of Princes - The Water Vs. The Anchor                     4:46
 15. Braid - A Dozen Roses                                                  4:15
 16. Hot Water Music - Moonpies For Misfits                                 3:37
 17. Small Brown Bike - Curiosity Killed the Cat, and I'm the Killed        3:19
 18. Defiance, Ohio - Road Signs Always Look Better Over Your Shoulder      2:38
 19. Rio de la Muerte - Isabelle, My Friend                                 3:30
 20. Kite Flying Society - A Twisted Path                                   2:49

-[ Details ]--------------------------------------------------------------------

 I Have Dreams was a band from Tallahasee, I guess it was a project in tribute
 to a friend and band mate that passed away.

 You And I were a New Jersey band. This is from their only good record.

 Kodan Armada was a band from Lousville. I'm pretty sure this song is about one
 of the vocalists' dad raping his sister??

 Saetia was a New York band that really epitomize "screamo". Despite the vocals,
 I think they're a pretty good band.

 The Critic was a band from New Hampshire, I think. This is from their demo.
 Nowadays, they do time in Furnace.

 Hopesfall was a pretty OK band for a little bit. They started out bad, then
 wrote some good songs, and then they got really bad again.

 Small Brown Bike did the music for this, Casket Lottery dude sang. I loved
 this song when it came out.

 Trail Of Dead have 2 drummers. This is off Source Tags & Codes.

 The Broadways are one of my favorite bands ever. Members are in Lawrence Arms
 and some other bands that probably aren't around anymore. This is a love song?

 Canterbury Effect is one of those bands that would be way more popular if they
 weren't on a hardcore label.

 The Blacktop Cadence was a HWM side project. For years they had this Angelfire
 website online that had news updates from them about to go on tour and it
 seemed really optomistic, but then HWM got back together and it faded away.

 The Get Up Kids wrote a really good record once. Then they got big and spent
 their days writing bad pop songs. This is from Four Minute Mile.

 On The Might Of Princes were a New York band that also would have probably
 done much better if they weren't on a hardcore label. This is from Where You
 Are And Where You Want To Be.

 Braid was a tough band to get into, considering they have a million albums.
 I ended up really liking this song though, so I listen to Frame & Canvas.

 Hot Water Music was the band that got me to turn off the radio and start
 having my own personal taste in music. I owe them everything, probably.

 Small Brown Bike is probably my favorite band. In high school I couldn't figure
 out why I liked this crummy sounding record, but as the years went on I just
 grew to love it more and more. Our Own Wars rules. This song reminds me of
 riding in my friend's truck to go burn a mattress by the ocean when I was 16.

 Defiance, Ohio got recommended to me by a friend when all they had was a few
 demo songs on a website. I remember liking them just for the stand up bass, but
 luckily they turned out to write a ton of really great songs.

 Rio de la Muerte is a friend of mine that seems to live all over Florida. I
 think we became friends because he traded this CD for one of my old bands' and
 then we didn't see each other for a year but still remembered each other.

 Kite Flying Society was an Orlando band that played a lot. This particular CD
 sounds like it was just burned 128kbps MP3s, so sorry this sounds bad.

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