How to Move Your Domain from Godaddy to Namecheap for "Move Your Domain Day"
February 2, 2016 2 minute read
Today, Namecheap is running a sale for $4 domain transfers for "Move Your Domain Day". I’ve used Namecheap for about a decade now and think they're a great registrar. I even recommend their shared hosting for clients that just need simple hosting that works. To honor this wonderful day, I've decided to put together this guide to help people get their domains out of Godaddy into an honest registrar.
Burl EP Released on Bandcamp
January 31, 2016 2 minute read

I am pretty excited to announce the release of my band Burl's third EP, "Burl". Actually, we didn't even name it, but Bandcamp is a stickler for putting something in the title field. Anyway, we worked very hard to get it out for the Present Moment show with Telepathic Lines tonight, so please give it a listen and come out!

Add a Promotional Header to Your Shopify Theme
December 1, 2015 3 minute read

Today, I want to write a quick how-to on adding a little promotional div to the top of your Shopify store. This could come in handy with the holidays coming up! In my shops, we're using it to promote flash coupon codes and shipping discounts. There be code ahead!
April 14, 2015 1 minute read

Today, I completed a project to create a portfolio site for Lee Van Arsdall. Lee is the photographer for Survival Straps, where has has been given the impossible task of making paracord jewlery look cool. He holds a degree in fine arts and wanted to showcase some of his academic work on the web, as well as share his resume to potential employers.

Razorcake's Review of "Dildozer - The Titular Tape" to Appear in Issue #79
July 8, 2014 1 minute read
Razorcake reviewed the Dildozer tape! It'll be in issue #79. You can check it out on their site, but since it's short I'll just copy & paste: Decent smarty-pants punk rock from this St. Augustine, Florida-based trio. Having grown up in the area, I can relate to the "doin' it for fun" vibe that is projected on this cassette. I get the feeling these guys are doing this for themselves and would happily play a show to three people at their local watering hole and they couldn’t care less.
How To Pin 'My Computer' to the Windows Start Menu
October 22, 2013 1 minute read

Today I'm going to share with you my approach for pinning My Computer to my Windows Start Menu. I prefer to pin My Computer rather than the regular 'Windows Explorer' because I've got a number of hard drives, and I don't enjoy how Explorer organizes it. With this shortcut, you can click it and it will bring up the overview of all your storage and portable devices. This is much more useful.