Shopify Plus Pricing Changes
February 1, 2017 3 minute read

Shopify sent out a newsletter this morning to all of their Plus merchants announcing a new pricing plan, and it's not looking good for my shops.

Stolen Fender Jaguar Bass
December 28, 2016 1 minute read

My Fender Jaguar bass was recently stolen from my car in downtown St. Augustine. If you can, please keep an eye out in used markets or pawn shops. Serial number ends with 5038 and I have filed a police report.

Becoming the Target of MediaWiki Spambots
December 15, 2016 2 minute read
Recently, I installed a MediaWiki instance on a public-facing server. I knew this was a huge security risk, but since it was on a subdomain that nothing linked to, I assumed I'd be fine. I found that I didn't particularly like working with MediaWiki, so I moved on to a different project and pretty much forgot all about it. A few months later, I was shocked to realize there were nearly 100,000 items in the spam folder for the throwaway email address I set as the admin of the MediaWiki application.
Burl Mentioned in Folio Weekly
September 23, 2016 1 minute read

I'm very excited to announce that the newest issue of Folio Weekly is hot off the press today. This is a very special issue, one that is bound to become an instant collector's item, as the band I am in is mentioned in passing on page 34.

Goodbye AMD, Hello Intel
July 25, 2016 8 minute read

After many years of fantastic service, my overclocked AMD build that I started in 2009 is finally going to get some rest. This weekend, I've built an Intel PC with almost entirely new parts. This post will detail the specs and reasoning behind my choice of hardware!