Stolen Fender Jaguar Bass

Wednesday, December 28, 2016 1 minute read

My Fender Jaguar bass was recently stolen from my car in downtown St. Augustine. If you can, please keep an eye out in used markets or pawn shops. Serial number ends with 5038 and I have filed a police report.

I believe it was stolen on Christmas Eve. I went down Christmas morning to empty my car out before heading down to my parents' house, and was surprised that I had already done it. It was only yesterday, as I was heading to practice with Burl, that I realized I had no recollection of emptying my car. A criminal had done it for me!

The guitar is sunburst, similar to this. That was the only sunburst guitar I ever actually liked! I wrote all of the bass parts on the recent Burl EP on it and played all but one or two shows with it, so I'd really prefer to get it back. That's fair, isn't it?